Tax Strategy – Let Washington Pay For Your Corvette, Porsche, Or Air Plane

If you think that you have to sacrifice enjoyment and excitement for a top paying job, you’ve got it all wrong. To be quite honest, some of the highest paying careers in the world are those that are the most rewarding – in more ways than one.

13. Public Relations. What could be a better PR tool than a book? It’s your ticket onto television, radio talk shows, podcasts, videocasts, and blogs. Your little book goes out into the world as an ambassador for your business, and in roll invitations to appear places, reaching wide audiences, and expanding your business. Which can lead to…

Selling Foreign Rights. Your book might be bought by a publisher who wants to translate it into Spanish, Vietnamese, French – every language represents a potential audience. I had this experience with my book Goal Digger: a Korean publisher saw the book on Amazon, and called to ask if they could buy the rights. I agreed, and eight months later they sent me a check – possibly the easiest money I’ve ever made.

People aren’t entirely rational creatures. You can be the best accountant on the planet an slash your costs in half, but if you can’t overcome the prospects fear of strangers you’re going nowhere fast. This fear is compounded by the intimacy of the relationship between you and your clients. Keep in mind the old joke, “Only God knows a man better than his accountant.” Well trust me on this one… only Accountants Stratford find that funny… Well… and probably God. To everyone else it’s just plain intimidating.

Locality of the accountant: How far does he stay from your work or residence? A long distance means problem while commuting, especially in case of emergencies.

Reputation of the firm or individual: How reputed is the firm or individual? Go for a research, survey and take opinions from people who are in sync with the field to have best results. One can’t take a risk with ones accounts!

Keep in mind that you will need to honor any new repayment agreements that you make with your credit card company. If you cannot keep the arrangements, don’t make them. Not paying your debt under the new arrangements will have more of an impact on your credit report than an old delinquent file.